Manners for Everyday Life™

While the basics of social manners are important to our program, so are the values that guide us to make the choices we do everyday. We coined "Manners for Everyday Life™" to refer to the basics rules of manners and how our choices effect how we act in daily life. Whether we're around family, friends, classmates, business associates or people we don't know, how we behave determines how others respond to us. If we can combine the rules of everyday manners with treating others with respect, then we have achieved Mannerly Manners®?.

What Are Mannerly Manners®

We believe that manners and respect are inseparable. We teach basic social etiquette based on a foundation of respect and compassion for oneself and others. When combined, these skills build confidence and are the key to success in everyday life.

By emphasizing "The #1 Rule™," "To treat others the way YOU wish to be treated" we establish and reinforce the cornerstone of mannerly behavior. And, it is this philosophy that differentiates us from more traditional etiquette courses that provide only formal manners and protocol training.


"Thank you so much for being a part of Summer Activities 2002. We were so hapy to have you join us! The students really enjoyed our class. And, we loved your manual!"

-Elementary School Principal, (Robbinsdale School District #281)